To collect your results please phone in and speak to a receptionist usually about one week after your blood or urine test. The Physician Assistant or Doctor will usually have put a comment next to your result on the computer which the Receptionist will relay to you. Please note that NHS X-Ray results may take up to 3 weeks to come through to us in some cases.


You will not need to book an appointment to collect your results unless:

  • A 'comment' attached to your result by a clinician says so (which, if relevant, the receptionist will identify when you phone up)
  • The clinician you saw at the time instructed you to do so, irrespective of the result


When phoning for results please note the Receptionists have been specifically instructed not to give their opinion about a result, even if it seems common sense. As the Receptionists are not medically trained, there is a risk of an error being made if they do.