What is Choose and Book?


Choose and Book is a new way to refer patients to Hospitals for their first outpatient appointment after they have seen their GP or PA


It gives patients a choice of the:


  • Place of their appointment


  • Date of their appointment


  • Time of their appointment


Traditionally, the patient would be referred to any Hospital the GP requested, the referral being sent through the post direct to the Hospital. Now, patients are given the freedom to be able to phone up and appointments line and discuss what option is best for them. All you have to do is decide which Hospital to go to and then phone up - we will do the rest. Of course, don't forget to turn up to your appointment!

How does it work?


Below is an outline of how your hospital appointment gets booked:


1. Go into GP surgery and have consultation with clinician

2. If Referral required, clinician will discuss Hospital choice with you and he/she will fill in appropriate form

3. Await letter through post detailing your Hospital choices and how to book

4. Upon arrival of letter, phone appointments line and book appointment

What do I have to do?


When you receive the letter through the post regarding your choose and book referral (typically 1-3 days after you saw your GP) all you need to do is phone the number of the Hospital you have chosen (they have their own switchboard dedicated to Choose and Book) and quote your reference number/password (also on the letter sent through the post).


They will then confirm to you your date and time of Hospital appointment.


This link shows an example letter. As you can see the reference number is located at the top of the first page. The hospital numbers are at the bottom of the first page and your password is on the last page. Please note, some Hospitals (e.g. Crawley and East Surrey) have the same Choose and Book telephone number.



Choose and Book